Shower Enclosures

Northshore Glazing & Mirror is a full service shower enclosure dealer. We provide material and installation of glass and metal shower enclosures. We are not licensed to provide shower pans, surrounds or to install tile or marble. If you need full remodeling services we may be able to refer you to a licensed contractor.

One of most confusing areas of shower enclosures is the misuse of the term “frameless”. Frameless shower enclosures were initially introduced in the sixties when tempering of shower door panels allowed manufacturers to eliminate the tradition metal framework which used to surround each piece of glass. It was first introduced in bypassing tub enclosures and soon spread to pivot and hinged doors. While they were frameless they still had an aluminum perimeter. The doors were completely or partially frameless, but there was still a perimeter in which it operated allowing it to seal.

In the past ten years the industry has slowly introduced the heavy glass door which is completely frameless. In the case of a single door there is typically a handle and two hinges and no perimeter at all. These doors can be made of 3/8" or ½" tempered glass BUT, they are NOT completely water tight. If you cannot tolerate a little leakage you should not be ordering this kind of door. We call this a “cabin door” to help differentiate from the traditional shower door which will contain most of the water. Unfortunately our term “cabin door” has not caught on in the industry and terrible misunderstandings arise from the use of the term “frameless”

Crystal Line Frameless Hing System
Crystal Line Framed Hinge System
Signature Picot Door System in Standard Header Configuration
Signature Picot Door system in Wall Mount Configuration
Parklane Hing Door
Signature By-Pass Door with Inline Panel
Signature By-Pass Door with Inline Panel
Stand Alone Signature Shower
Signature Picot Door System in Wall Mount Configuration #2
Signature Picot Door system in Wall Mount Configuration #3
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